Your office space speaks brand too

In creating brand experiences - the devil is always in the detail. Incorporating consistent brand messaging within your office space is something that we offer our clients. A brand incorporates all stakeholder experience including your interior. Corporate Identity expansion and colour all play a role.

Understand the nuance of your market

Researching the consumer behaviour of your market allows customisation of message - something that ensures you stand out from the noise.

Taking time to think creates sustainable strategy

All plans begin with thought, all strategy results in sustainable plans - both start with ideas.

Clever Gifting builds brand equity

Corporate gifting builds messages and honours clients - but impactful giving needs thought.

At BrandConnect we offer full spectrum solutions tailored to match your brand and its growth potential with your target market.

We work with clients to identify the best strategic course to generate more revenue from existing accounts and towards a calibrated new client-acquisition programme centred on your brand growth strategy.

BrandConnect enables corporates and new firms / entrepreneurs to cross the divide between an ad-hoc marketing programme and a formal marketing strategy. This includes customer analysis, market research, corporate communications and corporate image strategy – as required to meet your marketing and branding goals.

BrandConnect’s key differentiator is our understanding of the link between business strategy and planning; and the role of marketing implementation. The end result is not only greater revenues, but also greater profitability, greater consistency in revenue streams and the evolution to a formal corporate identity and communication with your clients, suppliers and target market.

Ultimately our aim is to take your marketing programme and transform it to a client research and development programme, ensuring you stay connected to the fundamentals of your brand and how it is understood in the market.