Service Offering

BrandConnect is a full service agency partnering with designers, graphic artists, printers, production specialists, event managers and other agencies to ensure that our clients requirements are met.


We have worked across a number of industries and as part of big and small teams in both corporate and entrepreneurial business. 

Our strength lies in matching the strategy behind your brand to the customer experience thereof.  To this end we have worked to rebrand large corporate clients alongside their various service providers, as well as designed business cards and logos from the smaller start-up. 

We have incorporated interior and office moves into brand consistent experiences, written copy for corporate, government and small business ventures, designed websites and managed social media. 

Basically anything that will help you connect your brand to your customer.

Hence “BrandConnect”



Our core areas of expertise include:
Brand Strategy and Positioning                         Customer Behaviour
Segmentation and Targetting                             Marketing Strategy and Planning
Communication                                                  Customer Relationship Management
Corporate Identity Development                        Interior Design (Brand based)
Copy writing                                                       Media planning
Website Development                                         Social Media
Production and Corporate Gifting


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